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    Character parade

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    Foam Hey Ride

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    Art and Craft

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    Yogi Bear with a group of kids

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    Tye Dye Shirt activity

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What is better than a ooey-gooey chocolate chip cookie? Order at the Office by 7pm (Sunday – Thursday) to have 1/2 dozen or 1 dozen cookies delivered to your campsite after the evening Hey Ride! (9:30pm & 9:45pm) Yummy & Delicious. 1/2 Dozen – $7.49 and $14.99 for a bakers dozen.





5/21–5/27 Memorial Day Patriotic Picnic Week
Kick off summer at Jellystone Park™ as we honor our true superheros with a full week of family fun! Start your day with the pledge of allegiance with Yogi Bear™! Decorate your bike, skateboard, or scooter with patriotic colors and march with Yogi Bear™ in the daily Hero Parade. Color American flags, red, white, and blue tye dye t-shirts, and race to play capture the flag with other campers. Honor our freedom at the Liberty Dance (5/23) and Patriotic Swimming Pool Party (5/24). Play messy games including potato sack races, egg toss, and shaving cream wiffle ball. Attend the Wisconsin beer and cheese tasting social (5/22) and the famous S’more Bar (5/21). Messy eating contests including whip cream, chocolate pudding, and All-American apple pie! Join us in saluting all of our American Hero’s this Memorial Day. Extended 6pm late check out for all guests on Monday (5/25). Minimum stay (5/22 – 5/25).

5/28–6/3 Cindy Bear™ Storybook Birthday Week
In a land, far far away, we are hosting Cindy Bear™ Birthday Party! Join the Jellystone Park™ kingdom for FREE cupcakes and ice cream (5/30 & 6/3) and stay for the Costume Ball Glow Stick Dance Party (5/30). May all your wishes come true on the magic carpet “foam” hey-rides, sand castle building contests, and go on a dragon egg hunt for candy prizes! Attend the Magical Tea Party with Cindy Bear™ (5/30). March in the daily cotton candy fairy tale parades with Yogi Bear™, go on a candy scavenger hunt, and make magic wands. Face painting, a girl’s only nail party and a gnome quest for prizes all await you. Decorate a tiara and crown, get messy at the porridge eating contest, and make a royal tye dye shirt. Wish upon a star at the campfire fairy tale S’morey time (5/31) and make the best treat ever at the S’more Bar (5/28). Adults will enjoy the wine and cheese tasting social too (5/29). All the campers will live happily ever after, wishing Cindy Bear™ Happy Birthday.

6/4–6/10 Nature and Nurture Week
Bring your whole family including all of your furry pals to Jellystone Park™ this week to learn about nature! Design a bird feeder and bird house to attract some feathered friends. Make a worm compost bin, self watering planters, and a cat cave with t-shirts! Play an outside game of turtle tag and animal exercises with your pets. Enjoy some treats with your pets at the Dog Park Ice Cream Social (6/6) and Cat Café (6/7). Gather around the S’more Bar (6/4) to make a delicious chocolate treat. Go on a tree planting walk with Yogi Bear™, a color nature scavenger hunt, and play dog brain games. Adults can take a break and enjoy the Beer & Cheese Tasting (6/5 & 6/9).  Take along your pets to the Friends for Life Dance (6/6). Make this a week your whole family can enjoy. Join us for some furry loving nature fun!

6/11–6/17 Boo Boo™ Pajama Party Birthday Week
Gather up your favorite PJ’s and bring them to Jellystone Park™! Whether you’re wearing cartoon characters or a sports team, as long as you’re comfy, that’s all that matters! Attend the Glow Stick Pajama Dance Party (6/13) for Boo Boo™ Birthday with cookies and ice cream (6/13 & 6/17). Beat the summer heat at the Pool Party (6/14) for pool side games, music, and dancing. Adults can relax at the Wine and Wisconsin Cheese Tasting Social (6/12 & 6/16) and kids will love making the world’s best s’more at the  the S’more Bar (6/11).Come dressed in your PJ’s for family bingo night, crazy slipper contests, and enjoy Bedtime stories with Yogi Bear™, who will be giving out lots of bear hugs! Don`t miss pajama jam karaoke, family look-a-like pajama contests and a slumber party scavenger hunt. Make a snuggly craft for bedtime, explore the nocturnal world on a night hike, and stay up late eating popcorn while watching Yogi Bear™ cartoons under the stars! Who doesn`t love spending the day in their jammies? This weekend, spend every day in your PJ`s to celebrate Boo Boo™ Birthday.

6/18–6/24 Fathers Day Wacky Sports Week
Calling all sports fans! Get ready to compete in basketball tournaments, water volleyball and slimy soccer games. Get messy playing slime kickball, slime bowling and slime Ga Ga Ball. Take a break from all the games to wish Dad Happy Fathers Day at his Pool Party Celebration (6/21).  Don’t miss the Wine & Cheese tasting fondue (6/19 & 6/23). Messy games continue with shaving cream wiffle ball, chocolate kickball and score a touchdown playing flag football, then leap into the whip cream end zone! Clean off and battle family and friends at the free throw contest, hole in one challenge, and run the “Color Splash” race and finish with a party of colored powder everywhere! Cheer on your favorite team by making pennants, megaphones, and noise makers. Make plans to have a dance with Dad at his Dance Party (6/20)! Become an all-star with your family and make Jellystone Park™ your finish line for family fun!

6/25–7/1 50th Golden Anniversary Celebration Week
The biggest party of the year will be held as Jellystone Park™ celebrates 50 years of making family memories! Join us at our 50th Anniversary Street Dance (6/27) with loud music, a gigantic video screen showing music videos plus free cake and champagne! Also, meet the many people who had a hand in creating and developing Jellystone Park™ Campgrounds! The festivities continue when you get soaked at our Pool Party Celebration (6/28). Take part in the daily parades with Yogi Bear™ as we march around Jellystone Park™. Create golden crowns, glitter tiaras, and gold party beads!  Hop aboard the “Special 50” foam Hey-ride for a unforgettable experience. Dive for gold, pan for gold, and go on a buried treasure hunt for gold! Gather your family together to share in the fun at the craft Beer and Cheese/Sausage tasting social (6/26 & 6/30) plus the Chocolate Fondue & S’more Bar (6/25). This is the celebration half a century in the making you do not want to miss!

7/2–7/8 All American Fiesta Week
Yogi Bear™ loves America and invites you to celebrate our country’s birthday with him! Start your holiday with daily flag raising and the pledge of allegiance with Cindy Bear™. March in a spectacular 4th of July bicycle parade to honor our veterans. Get sloppy at the many food eating contests including  watermelon, whip cream, jalapeno, and apple pie! Create a lady liberty tye dye shirt, and bring your appetite to the Ultimate Mac & Cheese eating contest (7/2). Create the nation’s largest s’more at the All American S’more Bar (7/2). Have a bang at the Red, White and BOOM Dance Party (7/4) and United Pool Party (7/5). Show us your patriotism attending the Margarita & Salsa tasting party (7/3 & 7/7). Play exciting summer games such as potato sack races, egg toss, water balloon toss plus family tug-o-war. Pick the winner for a prize at the 4th annual rubber duck waterslide race! Honor our nation’s birthday attending our Independence Day blow out! Minimum stay (7/2 – 7/5).

7/9–7/15 Christmas Blizzard Blast Week
Winter comes early this year to Jellystone Park™! Skate on our whip cream ice rink, build sand snow men, and frost Christmas Cookies (7/11 & 7/14). Get messy at the shaving cream snow ball fight, decorate candy canes, and cool off with some egg-nog ice cream and cookies (7/10 & 7/14). Dash in the penguin shuffle relay, build an igloo, and assemble snowflakes to help decorate our winter wonderland. Hop aboard the Frosty Express “snow foam” hey ride and make a delicious mess with whip cream snow angels. Play pin the nose on the snowman, iceball bowling, and do battle in the great marshmallow snowball fight! Spread holiday cheer at the Holiday S’More Bar (7/9). Go caroling with Yogi Bear™ daily, make a gingerbread house and an ornament for your tree at home. Meet Santa Claus nightly on the Glow SI-Hey Ride and Holiday Light Display (7/9-7/15), and then let loose at the Arctic Blast Dance (7/11) and Holly Jolly Pool Party (7/12). Yule love visiting us for our festive holiday celebration.

7/16–7/22 Yogi Bear™ Water Warriors Birthday Week
This is going to be an absolute splash of a birthday! Bring your super-soakers and prepare for squirt gun wars, water balloon relays, and sopping wet hey wagon rides. Take a swing at the water piñata, play sponge tag and water limbo. Dry off and wish Yogi Bear™ Happy Birthday with free cake and ice cream (7/18 & 7/22) at sing at his Birthday Dance (7/18). Plan to get soaked at the H2-Ohh Pool Party (7/19). The drenching continues at water balloon baseball, swimming pool games and water basketball. Adults will get water-logged in fun during Beer and Cheese tasting party (7/17 & 7/21). Sing ‘till you drop at karaoke night and make delicious delights at the S’more Bar & (7/16). Put on your swimsuits and arrive at Jellystone Park™ with a smile but leave soaking wet!

7/23–7/29 Horrifying Halloween Week
Something spooky is brewing at Jellystone Park™. Ghosts and goblins come out to play and our Haunted Barn (7/25) that is voted BEST by our guests will be a scream factory you will never forget! Grab a friend for the nightmare on s’mores street ghost story campfire (7/26). After the sun goes down we will carve up watermelon jack-o-lanterns, bob for candy worms, and go trick r’ treating daily with Yogi Bear™. Color your own Halloween mask, trick r’ treat bag and win a prize attending the costume contest. Play zombie tag, mummy wrap relay, and candy bar bingo. Ghoulish adults will get spooked at the Wine and Cheese tasting party (7/24 & 7/28). Brave teenagers will squirm at the scare factor food eating competitions. Face your fears at the Monster Mash Black Light Costume Ball (7/25) and Spell Binding Pool Party (7/26). Make yummy edible treats at the Kid’s Halloween Party (7/24 & 7/29) and Candy S’More Bar (7/23). Play musical tombstones, make spider slime, and go pumpkin bowling. Join the bears this week for a howling good time.

7/30–8/5 Hawaiian Beach Party Week
Join Yogi Bear™ at tropical Jellystone Park™ for Hawaiian week! Celebrate the spirit of the Islands at our Wonderland Luau (8/1) with free appetizers, dancing, and a live DJ. Do not miss the performance by the Polynesian Dancers and watch in amazement as they hula in elaborate costumes, then end with the awesome fire juggler! Take in all the fun n’ sun during the Paradise Pool Party (8/2), and bring your grass skirts to the hula competitions, water limbo, and lei making. Coconut bowling, pineapple eating contests, and build the largest sand castle!  Don’t miss sand art, tiki masks and seashell painting. Gather your team for sand volleyball tournaments, coconut beach bowling, and help break the Island piñata for prizes. Adults can unwind at the Beer and Cheese/Sausage tasting Party (7/31 & 8/4), plus karaoke night while making the best island S’mores (7/30). Join us as we celebrate the spirit of the Hawaiian Isles, Aloha!

8/6–8/12 Mardi Gras Carnival Week
Yogi Bear™ is rolling out the fun, Mardi Gras style! Decorate your bikes, scooters, or yourself and join the krewe of Yogi Bear™ in the daily Mardi Gras Parades. Make a purple, green and gold mask, play bead bingo, and create king and queen crowns. Let the good times roll at the Masquerade Ball Street Dance (8/8) with loud music, a gigantic video screen, laser light show and beads galore! Get into the carnival spirit at the Wine and Cheese tasting party (8/7 & 8/11) and make a splash into the Orleans Pool Party (8/9). Yogi Bear™ will host jammin’ musical hey-rides and get ready to catch your party beads! Carnival masks bead making, and decorate party hats. Color a purple, green, and gold tye-dye t-shirt and do not miss the Candy Carnival (8/7) for cotton candy prizes! Make a box float to march with with Yogi Bear™ in the fat Tuesday Parade (8/11). Help us bring the big easy to Jellystone Park™ to create memories to treasure together.

8/13–8/19 Tropical Get Away Week
Anchors away! Escape with captain Yogi Bear™ to an Island oasis.  Grab your family and friends and surf your way to our Gigantic Tropical Beach Bash (8/15) for appetizers, poolside reggae music, floating candles and nonstop dancing! There will be plenty of island treats at the S’more bar.­ (8/13). Make sand art bracelets, coconut eating contests, and a teen sand volleyball tournament. Dance the Macarena or Mexican hat dance at the Jamaica Jive pool Party (8/16). Girls will love the princess glamour makeovers, glitter wand making and colorful tiara decorating. Embark on a tropical scavenger hunt, beach ball coloring and hula hoop competitions. Discover full flavored fun at the Beer and Cheese tasting party (8/14 & 8/18). Show your island spirit by attending Cindy Bear™ princess tea party (8/14 & 8/18). Don’t miss this once in a lifetime event and make plans today for our tribute to the tropics.

8/20–8/26 Chocolate Explosion Week
This is the week for all chocolate lovers! Indulge in chocolate taste testing (8/21) chocolate facials, and play candy bar bingo daily. Eat your way through daily pudding eating contests, chocolate milk chug contests, and DARE to step into the chocolate pudding wrestling pit (8/22) and the chocolate slip N’ slide for an ooey, gooey fun mess!  Devour heavenly Chocolate Wine and Cheese (8/21 & 8/25).   Keep your chocolate cravings alive at the Sweet Tooth Dance (8/22) and win candy bar prizes while you get down to the music. Un-wrap the savings at the Moon light Madness Sale (8/22) for the best deals of the year! Win sweet prizes playing chocolate checkers and go on a golden ticket hunt with Yogi Bear™ to find candy prizes. Play chocolate kickball, flashlight candy bar hunts, and create a masterpiece while pudding painting. Gather your friends to make the world’s best s’more with Yogi Bear™ at the S’more Bar (8/20). Eat, live, and dream all things chocolate in this messy choc-filled fun week.

8/27-9/2 Princess and Pirates Week
Prepare for an adventure with Yogi Bear™! Pack your pirate and princess outfits and go on a treasure hunt parade with Yogi Bear™, dive for gold in the swimming pool, and play cannon ball stomp. Guess the correct answer during pirate trivia or be doomed to walk the plank! Every captain will save lots of loot during the Moonlight Madness Sale (8/29). Lose your sea legs at the Landlubber Dance (8/29). Create a pirate hat, sand bracelets, and pirate flags. Little divas will fancy making tiaras, glitter magic wands, and sparkle royal bracelets. Make a stop at the fairytale story time campfire and scurvy Wine and Cheese tasting (8/28). Make plans for the Princess Tea Party and S’more Bar with Cindy Bear™ (8/27). All buccaneers can make a treasure map, treasure chests, and seashell bracelets. Set your sails for the teen sand volleyball tournament, digital scavenger hunts, and dig for buried treasure in sand you can keep! Shiver me timbers, this will be an awesome week at Jellystone Park™!

9/3-9/9 Labor Day Mess Fest Week
Leave your clean clothes at home and prepare for our mess-fest! Dive into pudding wrestling, chocolate slip n’ slide and wage war with your friends playing slime kickball! Teenagers will love the shaving cream snowball fight and “super foam” hey-rides. All ages can play slime flag football, shaving cream wiffle ball, and race to the finish at the whip cream and pudding eating contests. Daily apple pie eating tournaments, slimy food eating competitions and slippery watermelon wrestling! Little ones will love finger painting, slime making, and playing the classic egg toss game. Clean up from all the messy games and attend Karaoke Night with our S’more Bar (9/3), the Labor Day Dance Party (9/5) and get waterlogged at the Labor Day Pool Party (9/6) for all the fun in the sun! Shop for season ending deals at the Moonlight Madness Sale (9/6), and meet new friends at the Beer and Cheese Tasting Social (9/4). Do not pass us our mess-tival of slime this Labor Day weekend! Minimum stay 9/4 – 9/7. Extended 6pm check out on Monday (9/7).

9/10–9/16 Wisconsin Dells Automotion
When the calendar turns to autumn in Wisconsin Dells it’s time for the hottest car show of the year. It’s a fun-filled weekend on wheels where over 1,200 cars will be on display. Rare antiques, vintage classics, a car corral for selling cars, swap meet and much more! Live entertainment & great food put the finishing touch on this exciting show in Wisconsin Dells! Fuel up with FREE coffee and Danish (9/12 & 9/13) before the show. Take part in the many resort activities including building a box car and chase your family to the finish line at the Jelly-apolis 500 box car race. Remote control car racing, color a checkered flag and your favorite racing team color tye dye t-shirts. Find discounts and sales galore at the Moonlight Madness sale (9/12). Catch a ride to Jellystone Park™ to take advantage of our discounted rates.

9/17-9/20 Wisconsin Dells WO-ZHA-WA Festival
A festive celebration of autumn, Wo-Zha-Wa Days is filled with free family activities, including an arts and crafts fair, antique flea market, Maxwell Street Days, live entertainment and a 100-unit parade including Yogi Bear™! Don’t miss all the fun rides at the street carnival with concessions and the Wo-Zha-Wa Run. All activities take place throughout downtown Wisconsin Dells. Stay on resort property for hey-rides, ceramics, karaoke, and Yogi Bear™ t-shirt coloring. Shop for season ending sales at the Ranger Station during our Moonlight Madness Sale (9/18 & 9/19). Visit Jellystone Park™ for festive fun with reduced rates and quality time with your favorite bears this fall season, plus 50% off resort amenities such as boat rentals, golf carts and mini golf!




  • Yogi Bear taking a birthday photo

    Yogi Bear taking a birthday photo

  • Yogi Bear at a picninc table with kids

    Yogi Bear at a picninc table with kids


Economy Plan Only $29.99
YOGI BEAR™ Visits with Birthday Hat and Signed Card.

Deluxe Plan – Only $49.99
YOGI BEAR™ Visits Bringing a Cake, Yogi Bear™ Plush, Birthday Hat and a Signed Card!

Supreme Plan – Only $69.99
YOGI BEAR™ with either CINDY BEAR, BOO BOO™ or RANGER SMITH™ (please specify which) Visits Bringing Two Cakes, Yogi Bear™ Plush, Birthday Hat and a Signed Card!


Bears will arrive at 10:30am, 10:45am, 4:30pm or 4:45pm daily. Inquire at the Gate House, or ask the Recreation Staff to Reserve a Party Time And Location. Please Allow 2 Hours Advance Notice Prior to Time of Party.

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We are looking forward to performances
by the following artists this season:

  • DJ Music by Sound & Light
  • Hale O Malo Hawaiian Dancers

  • Aloha week theme

    Aloha week theme

 Hawaiian Luau!

  • Family gathering at the theatre

    Family gathering at the theatre

 Street Dance!


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Outstanding Achievement Recreational Programming

Our recreation staff will keep you hopping from morning until night. Every week has a different theme. Check out the calendar to decide your favorite. To get up to date daily recreation schedules visit our Events Calendar.

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