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What is better than a ooey-gooey chocolate chip cookie? Order at the Office by 7pm (Sunday – Thursday) to have 1/2 dozen or 1 dozen cookies delivered to your campsite after the evening Hey Ride! (9:30pm & 9:45pm) Yummy & Delicious. 1/2 Dozen – $8.99 and $16.99 for a bakers dozen.





5/6-5/11 Mother’s Day Kindness Week
Spoil Mom this week and treat her to a great family getaway at Jellystone Park™.
Make your own salt dough handprint ornament, “Why I love my Mom” craft stick roll-up card, and a special handmade Mother’s Day card. Treat Mom to free “mom-osas” coffee and pastries (5/7 & 5/8) and sign up to have Yogi Bear™ deliver breakfast in bed to all mothers (5/8). Make up your personal interview questionnaire “All About Your Mom”, and draw a picture of her to go along with it. Join us for some very relaxing mommy & me yoga and sing-a-long karaoke (5/7 & 5/11). Also, to show appreciation for the many things moms and all the women in our life do for us, there will be a free gift given to them compliments of Jellystone Park™. Mom’s, do not forget to stop down at the Pic-a-nic Basket on Mother’s Day (5/8) to claim your free yummy cookie! Meet mom on the mini-golf course where she plays for free! Pamper mom and make her queen for a day with Yogi Bear™ this magnificent Mother’s Day.

5/12–5/18 Furry Friendship Week
What’s better than camping with your best friend?… NOTHING! Come join us this week for a furr-tastic time! Make sure to bring your skills along for the morning talent show. Even your fur friends can join in (5/14). For this week only, come check out the furry friend park! While you’re here make sure to come to create your own friendship animal collars/friendship bracelets and friendship trophy awards. Also answer a questionnaire, “All about your best friend”, and design a homemade friendship card to go along with it! Participate in the obstacle course, game of tug-a-war, and red rover. Create your favorite miniature colored resin animal craft and let your imagination go wild ($). Yogi Bear™ look forward to seeing you and all of your amazing friends and paw-some furry friends this week!

5/19-5/25 Automotion Car Festival Week
When spring equinox arrives in Wisconsin Dells, it’s time for the hottest car show of the year. It’s a fun-filled weekend on wheels where over 1,200 cars will be on display.
Rare antiques, vintage classics, a car corral for selling cars, swap meets, and much more! Live entertainment & great food put the finishing touch on this exciting show in Wisconsin Dells! Fuel up with FREE coffee and Danish (5/21 & 5/22) before the show. Take part in the many resort activities including musical pit-stop, tire toss, red light-green light, and more. Create your own license plates, paint paper plate cars, and have fun designing your very own car! Chase your family to the finish line at the “Jelly-apolis” friction car race. Join in the fun at remote control car racing, checkered flag coloring, and designing your favorite racing team color tie-dye t-shirts. Catch a ride to Jellystone Park™ to take advantage of our discounted rates.

5/26-6/1 Messy Memorial Day Week
Leave your clean clothes at home and prepare for our mess-fest! Dive into our jell-o wrestling contest, chocolate pudding slip n’ slide, and mud painting! There will be bobbing for donuts tournaments and a messy feast of worms pie-eating contest. Use your imagination in creating a colorful, glittery resin art key chain ($). Join in on color war tie-dye t-shirts or pillowcases ($). Bring your own or purchase one of ours. Kids and even adults will love to jump in on a fun messy twister game and the classic egg toss. Clean up from all the slimy games and attend Karaoke Night with our S’more Bar (5/26). Join friends at the Summer Boogie Dance Party (5/28), and get waterlogged at the Summer Kick-Off Pool Party (5/29) for all the fun in the sun! Meet new friends at the Wine and Cheese Tasting Social (5/27 & 31). Do not pass us or miss our “mess-tival” of fun this Memorial Day weekend! Extended 6 pm late check out for all guests on Monday (5/30).
(3 night minimum stay 5/27-5/30)

6/2–6/8 Ranger Smith™ No Waste Week
Bring your whole family to Jellystone Park™ this week to learn about recycling! Put all your skills to the test by trying our very own recycling obstacle course. You may also come and show off your craftsmanship skills by designing your very own recycling bin at our decoration derby. Also, design your version of planet earth using confetti and other recycled materials. Have a chance to win a fun prize if you want to participate in our competition, to see which site had the least amount of waste. Take part in our tree planting ceremony with Yogi Bear™ (6/5). Don’t forget to stop by the Ranger Station and buy some of our new Ranger Smith™ gear. You will get a chance to wear the latest garb to the rec center, to celebrate our beloved Ranger Smith™ at his birthday dance party with free cookies and ice cream (6/4 & 6/8)! Meet new friends at the famous S’more Bar (5/27) and at the Beer and Cheese Tasting Social (6/3 & 6/7). Make this week a fun family adventure that everyone can enjoy by joining in on all the new waste-free activities at Jellystone Park&#x2122.

6/9-6/15 Wonderful Wizard Week
Calling all wizards & witches to Jellystone Park™ for a spectacular magical time! Start the weekend out right by making your very own unique wizard hat, spooky spellbook, shiny crystal ball, and marvelous magical wand! Practice writing your own mystical chant in your new spellbook! Come on down to the recreation center for a game of Giants, Wizards, and Elves plus join in on the magic wand wars to win a secret prize. Go wild and create supernatural sorcerer’s stone or prism out of resin art ($) We invite all to sample our S’mores Bar (6/9) and Magic Potions Tasting Social (6/10 & 14), offering friendly and adult-friendly options. The Enchanted Dance will be a dazzling fun time and make sure to make your way to the captivating Pool Party (6/12). This will be a weekend full of magical happenings your family will not want to miss with the Jellystone Park™ crew.

6/16-6/22 Father’s Day Family Championship Week
Come on into Jellystone Park™ for some challenging family fun games this Father’s Day week, where everyone can be a gold medal winner. Make a handmade Father’s Day card, salt dough handprint ornament, “What I love about my dad” popsicle stick card, and assemble a torch for the dashing relay games! Put your skills to the test by joining in on the water bucket relay, water balloon toss, ninja obstacle course, and scavenger hunt. Dads can get psyched to join in the fun with the pie-eating contest! Whip up your favorite campfire treat at our S’mores Bar (6/16) and try samples at the Beer & Cheese Stick Tasting Social (6/17 & 6/21). Make sure to get dad out on the dance floor to show off his moves at the Father’s Day Game Player Dance Party (6/18) & the Pool Party Celebration (6/19). Also, to show our appreciation for the many things dads and all the men in our lives do for us, there will be a free gift given to them compliments of Jellystone Park™. Dads, do not forget to stop down at the Pic-a-nic Basket on Father’s Day (6/19) to claim your yummy cookie, and a cup of coffee to go with it! Become a gold medalist with your family and make Jellystone Park™ your celebration for some family fun!

6/23-6/29 Boo Boo™ Big Top Circus Week
Come one, come all, to the greatest place of them all, at Jellystone Park™ for a birthday event that cannot be missed in honor of the great Boo Boo Bear™. Join us for some circus entertainment at our kid’s circus performance where they will put on their own show. Join in on face painting, balloon animal making, and even cast a vote for an employee you want to see pie smashed in their face! Participate in some fun games like musical circus rings, clown bowling, ring toss, and pick a duck! Create your very own circus tent, circus elephant craft, and paint/color a circus animal for the circus train parade with Yogi Bear™. Winsome exciting prizes in a game of circus bingo or circus memory! Sprinkle colorful marshmallows and candy when making swirly s’mores (7/23). Gather your fellow adult friends together to share in the fun at the Wine and Cheese Tasting Social (6/24 & 6/28). Let’s not forget the big event, Boo Boo Bear’s Birthday Party Street Dance (6/25) where we will serve free cake (6/25 & 6/29). Guests will not want to miss out on the complimentary punch served at this extravaganza. Have some clowning around fun at the Pool Party (6/26). The Jellystone Park™ crew hopes to see you and your family this week for all the “fun-tastic” special events.

6/30-7/6 Cinco De Mayo Fiesta Week
Happy Cinco De Mayo! It’s time to get your fiesta on this week at Jellystone Bear™! Join us in a game of pass the sombrero, pin the tail on the burro, and participate in the daily mariachi band cart ride parade with Yogi Bear™. Create your own paper taco, a piñata, or a bag piñata. Don’t forget to participate in creating a cool paper plate sombrero hat! Come check out the recreation center for a complimentary tasting of margaritas and salsa (7/1 & 7/5). Make a personal maraca and day of the dead masks that you can use in the mariachi band cart ride with Yogi Bear™. Whip up a special Chavito candy concoction at the S’More Bar (6/30). Don’t forget to show off all your moves at the La Fiesta De Baile (dance) (7/2) and The La Fiesta De Piscina (pool party) (7/3&7/4). Play a game of Cinco De Mayo Bingo to win some very festive prizes! Make sure to join the Jellystone Park™. family in a week you will not want to miss a second of!
(3 night minimum stay 7/1-7/4)

7/7-7/13 Freakishly “Fang-Tastic” Halloween Week
Join us this week for some truly spooky fun at Jellystone Bear™! Come color your very own Halloween mask, trick or treat bags, and also join in on painting a summer jack-o-lantern. Come on down for some fun games like make a mummy minute to win it, spooky broomstick limbo, Halloween music freeze game, candy corn ring toss, and pop goes the pumpkin. Test your courage by participating in our Scream Factory Haunted House (7/9) that is voted the BEST by our guests! Grab your friends & family for spooky stories and s’mores around the campfire (7/7). Participate in our games and enjoy making some edible spooky treats at our Kid’s Halloween Party (7/8 & 7/13). Adult vampires will get their filling at the Beer and Sausage Tasting Social (7/8 & 7/12). Do not miss out on our costume contest at the Fang-tastic Black Light Mash and Wickedly Ghoulish Monster Pool Party (7/9 & 7/10). Don’t miss all the ghastly activities going on this week and come on in and join the Jellystone Park™ crew for some thrillers you won’t forget!

7/14-7/20 Yogi Bear™ Wacky Wet Birthday Week
Come join Yogi Bear™ in an absolute splash for his birthday! Bring your swimsuits, super soakers, and floaties to prepare for this Wacky Wild adventure and daily wild wet foam HEY-rides!. . Take part in very wonky and wet games of water balloon dodgeball, the famous game of sprinkler twister, cup to cup, and an exciting game of drip, drip, drop! Slip down to the recreation center for some very fun water-filled art with kool-aid water painting, squirt gun painting, and create a blooming paper flower craft. Make delicious treats at the S’more Bar (7/14). Adults will get water-logged at the Wine and Cheese Tasting Social (7/15 & 7/19). Dry off & create a birthday card to give to Yogi Bear™ at the Wacky Birthday Typhoon Party (7/16) with free yummy cake & ice cream. (7/16 & 20). Then move and groove and show Yogi Bear™ your best dance moves at the live DJ dance (7/16). The drenching will continue at the Splash-Tastic Pool Party (7/17)! Get ready to have the wackiest, wildest time of your life at Jellystone Park™ this week!

7/21-7/27 Christmas Wonderland Week
It is winter in Jellystone Park™ and the Christmas spirit is alive like never before! Participate in our competition by having the best decorated and appealing campsite in Jellystone Park™! During this special time, hop on our morning Winter Wonderland Express “snow foam” hey-ride, and go on a hunt around the park for the gingerbread man. Also participate in the “don’t ring the bells” obstacle course, silver bells memory game, and pin the nose on the snowman. Make sure to check out our nightly “Sl-Hey” Ride with Santa and sing your favorite Christmas carols along the way! Be creative and decorate your own gingerbread house (6/25), gingerbread cupcakes (7/23 & 7/25), and Santa hat Christmas card. Build your own Santa/reindeer and paper plate Christmas tree. Join us for an old-fashioned S’Mores Bar (7/21), and gather to enjoy frosted Christmas cookies and sample ice cream eggnog (7/22 & 7/26). Share Holiday cheer by joining Yogi Bear™ for a walk around the park singing Christmas carols. Make sure to spread your Christmas spirit and enjoy the Holly Jolly Dance (7/23) and make a splash at the Sparkling Starlight Pool Party (7/24). You will love joining the Jellystone Park™ crew this Christmas in July!

7/28-8/3 Hawaiian Hula Week
Join Yogi Bear™ at tropical Jellystone Park™ for Hawaiian week! Celebrate the tropical Spirit at the Hawaiian Luau (7/30) with free appetizers, dancing, and a live DJ. You do not want to miss the world-famous entertainment from Aloha Chicago, which includes Polynesian Dancers. End your night with an awesome performance from the fire juggler! Make sure to get your Hawaiian spirit on through singing at karaoke and making fruity s’mores (7/28). Adults can come on down to the recreation center for a Wine Cooler and Fruit Tasting Social (7/29 & 8/2). Take in all the fun in the sun with the Ohana Pool Party (7/31). Test your skills by participating in the lei necklace relay, tiki totem pole bowling, lulu dice game, and pineapple eating contest. Come create a paper plate flower crown, seashell sand craft, and pom-pom pineapple. Also, win some fun prizes in a game of Luau Bingo! Join us as we celebrate the spirit of the Hawaiian Islands and say aloha from Jellystone Park™.

8/4-8/10 Mardi Gras Carnival Week
Yogi Bear™ is rolling out the fun, Mardi Gras style! ™ He will be handing out beads on his daily cart ride parades to help us all celebrate this action-packed week. Decorate your bikes, scooters, or yourself and join the krewe of Yogi Bear™ in the daily Mardi Gras Parades. Make your own green, gold, and purple masks, jester hats, and beaded bracelets and necklaces to help celebrate this week! Play bead bingo, bead toss minute to win it, and a fun game of lucky dip. Make a delicious S’more with our green and yellow candy selection (8/4). You won’t want to miss the exciting Kid’s Candy Carnival (8/5). Plenty of family fun games such as ring toss, bowling, bottle hit, duck guessing, face painting, and many more where you can win various tasty prizes! Adults, get into the spirit of a Jester at the Creme De Menthe Drink and Chocolate Tasting Social (8/5 & 8/9). Come bust a move at the Masquerade Ball Street Dance (8/6). There will also be free cake to celebrate, and the lucky one finding a baby inside their piece of cake wins a stuffed bear! (8//6 & 8/10). The fun doesn’t end so come to our Ragin’ Cagin’ Pool Party (8/7). We hope you are as excited as we are to celebrate and make memories at Jellystone Park™!

8/11-8/17 Polynesian Paradise Week
Anchors away! Escape with captain Yogi Bear™ to an Island oasis. Grab your family and friends and surf your way to our Polynesian Paradise Party & our Tropic of Cancer Pool Party (8/13) for appetizers, poolside reggae music with glowing floating balls, and nonstop dancing! Breakout your best Hawaiian outfits for a costume contest. Be at our make your own S’more Bar for a sweet treat (8/11 ). Participate in some very fun games such as lawn chair volleyball, hula hoop till you drop, mango battle, and pass the coconut! Adults can discover flavored refreshments at the Spritzer & Fresh Fruit Tasting Social (8/12 & 8/16). Make your own tiki necklace, grass crowns, paradise flower paper lantern, and many more fun activities! Take part in the coconut pie-eating contests and coconut bowling. Before you head home, check out our Tropic of Cancer Pool Party (8/14.) Don’t miss out on these once-in-a-lifetime events and make plans for our tribute to the tropics!

8/16-8/24 Cindy Bear™ Birthday Around The Globe Week
Come to Jellystone Park™ and take a spin around the world in just 7 days! Partake in the making of your very own passport, so you can be prepared for all the traveling this week, as we learn about all different countries around the world! Make sure to participate in the many different crafts from around the world such as making your own sticker shekere, designing a sand painting, creating your own feather necklace, and mapping out all the different countries on your very own globe! Enjoy various candies to choose from at the S’Mores Bar (8/18), and worldly wines and cheese will be served at a tasting social (8/19). You will not want to miss out on Cindy Bear’s International Birthday Bash (8/20) with cupcakes and ice cream (8/20 & 24) and lively DJ dance to follow. Join us in a game of “flags all around the world” bingo, roman chariot races, and name that country for some tasty prizes! We hope you and your family are as excited as we are to celebrate and make memories here at Jellystone Park™.

8/25-8/31 Grandparent’s Appreciation Week
Give your grandparents a treat of a lifetime by camping at Jellystone Park™ for a fantastic get-away! Create a ceramic or mosaic ($) to show your appreciation for all your grandparents do for you. Create your very own family tree, a card for your grandparents, and make them a #1 grandparent award. Come take part in the many family fun games such as minute to win it, camping Pictionary, and charades. Grandkids bring your grandparents down to the recreation center for a “grandparent interview” and the option of you sharing your experiences as well! Next, you may want to relax by playing some card games, board games, crosswords, and a word search. Bring your grandparents to karaoke and the S’mores Bar (8/25), where they can sing some classic songs with you. Meet new friends at the Beer and Cheese with Sausage Tasting Social (8/26). Don’t miss out on the live DJ and request your favorite music at the Old Folks Dance (8/28). Dive deep into the new world of resin art and create a unique piece to take home ($). Come to the pic-a-nic basket for a special lunch with discounted prices for you and your grandparents ($). Pitch that tent for a weekend to remember with your grandparents at Jellystone Park™ and have a terrific time!

9/1-9/7 Labor Day Frontline Workers Week
End your summer on a high note at Jellystone Park™, as we honor the true superheroes of our world, with a full week of enjoyment for the entire family! Let’s give all of our healthcare workers, military, police, and all the other upstanding individuals on the frontline a big standing ovation. We want to show our appreciation for all their hard work and protection! Join us in making thank you cards for the frontline employees, and color your own frontline worker coloring page. Have fun making your very own fire extinguisher and coloring your own fire truck. Become a “paint doctor” and create your own paintings! Participate in some fiery fun games of “fire cup knockdown”, “put out that fire” and frontline worker bingo! Relax with some “community helpers yoga poses” down at the recreation center! Run wild and free trying to capture the flag with other campers. Parents and adults come to relax with us at our social sipping wine and tasting cheese (9/3). Rock with your loved ones at the end of the summer live DJ Boogie Dance (8/27). Honor our frontline workers this Labor Day by celebrating with us at Jellystone Park™. Extended 6 pm late check out for all guests on Monday (9/5). (Minimum stay 9/2-9/5).

9/8-9/14 Super Duper Spy Week
Your presence has been requested this week at Jellystone Park™ for a top-secret mission! Get the week started off right by creating your own secret agent name tag, secret code, and spy decoder! You will not want to miss out on the top-secret spy training course, and master of disguise relay! There will also be top-secret missions for you to complete while camping here. When all missions are complete you may win a prize! Have fun making your own invisible ink and spotter binoculars to use on your missions. Create a “scan to enter” handprint to take home! Participate in the top-secret spy word search, do it yourself I spy game, and crack the impossible spy code! We also invite you for all your hard work to enjoy a complimentary danish, coffee, and juice down by the recreation center! (9/10 & 9/11). This week will be an impossibly good time you and your family will not want to miss here at Jellystone Park™. .

9/15-9/18 Wisconsin Dells WO-ZHA-WA Festival Week
Let the autumn festivities begin in Wisconsin Dells with Wo-Zha-wa. Make this weekend memorable with us at Jellystone Park™. Wo-Zha-Wa Days are filled with free family activities, including arts and crafts fair, antique flea market, Maxwell Street Days, live entertainment and a 100-unit parade including Yogi Bear™, Cindy Bear™, Boo Boo Bear™ and Ranger Smith™! Don’t miss all the fun rides at the street carnival with concessions and the Wo-Zha-Wa Run. All activities take place throughout downtown Wisconsin Dells. Stay on resort property for hey-rides, ceramics, karaoke, and Yogi Bear™ t-shirt coloring. Shop for season-ending sales at the Ranger Station during our Moonlight Madness Sale (9/16 & 9/17). Visit Jellystone Park™ for festive fun with reduced rates, and quality time with your favorite bears this fall season. Remember 50% off resort amenities such as boat rentals, golf carts and mini-golf!

  • Character parade

    Character parade

Huge Special Events!

  • Foam Hey Ride

    Foam Hey Ride

Foam Heyrides!

  • Art and Craft

    Art and Craft

Ceramic Painting!

  • Suds party

    Suds party

Messy Games!

  • Yogi Bear with a group of kids

    Yogi Bear with a group of kids

Daily Yogi Bear™ Ride!

  • Tye Dye Shirt activity

    Tye Dye Shirt activity

Tye Dye T-Shirts!




  • Yogi Bear taking a birthday photo

    Yogi Bear taking a birthday photo

  • Yogi Bear at a picninc table with kids

    Yogi Bear at a picninc table with kids


Economy Plan Only $45.99
YOGI BEAR™ Visits with Birthday Hat and Signed Card.

Deluxe Plan – Only $65.99
YOGI BEAR™ Visits Bringing a Cake, Yogi Bear™ Beanie Baby, Birthday Hat and a Signed Card!

Supreme Plan – Only $89.99
YOGI BEAR™ with either CINDY BEAR, BOO BOO™ or RANGER SMITH™ (please specify which) Visits Bringing Two Cakes, Yogi Bear™ and Boo Boo™ Beanie Baby, Birthday Hat and a Signed Card!


Bears will arrive at 10:30am, 10:45am, 4:30pm or 4:45pm daily. Inquire or ask the Office Staff to Reserve a Party Time And Location. Please Allow 2 Hours Advance Notice Prior to Time of Party.

Click here to reserve your Birthday Party with Yogi Bear™

We are looking forward to performances
by the following artists this season:

  • DJ Music by Sound & Light
  • Hale O Malo Hawaiian Dancers

  • Aloha week theme

    Aloha week theme

 Hawaiian Luau!

  • Family gathering at the theatre

    Family gathering at the theatre

 Street Dance!


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Outstanding Achievement Recreational Programming

Our recreation staff will keep you hopping from morning until night. Every week has a different theme. Check out the calendar to decide your favorite. To get up to date daily recreation schedules visit our Events Calendar.

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